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Custom Board Shorts (for Men, Women, and Boys), Custom Board Pants & Custom Board Skirts - terms & details
  • We stock 3 lengths in both Mens and Womens boardshorts.  If you want a stock length, click here to get to the site map for links to the in-stock style you'd like.  However, if you're looking for a pair longer than our longest or a pair shorter than our shortest, you can order a custom inseam at whatever length you desire ¹ 
  • Your choice of thread color
  • Your choice of waistband color
  • Your choice of tie cord color (or select the No Tie Cord / Velcro Closure Only option for women)
  • Your choice of pocketing (one, two, three or NO pockets)
  • Standard manufacturing time is approx 7-10 business days.  If you're in a hurry there is a RUSH option that will get your custom shorts cut, sewn, and ready for shipping in just 3 business days after we receive your order (not including the day on which you order). Please note that our offices are closed Saturdays, Sundays and all national holidays.  So, for example - if you order a rush custom between 5pm EDT Friday until 11:59pm EDT on Sunday - we'll receive your order when we reopen on Monday.  Then, 3 business days later (Thursday), your custom order is ready to ship via whichever shipping method you choose. Click here for worldwide shipping options.
  • ¹We measure the length by INSEAM - ** Inseam is the distance (inner leg) from the bottom crotch to the bottom of the short/hemline. Outseam is the (outer leg) meaurement from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the short / hem. **
How do you figure out the INSEAM you're looking for?  Simple.  Just grab a ruler or some other measuring device and put on a pair of pants.  Then, standing straight (standing in front of a mirror works great) - place your finger (or better yet, a piece of tape) to mark that point on your leg at which you would like the hemline of your boardshorts to hit.  Then, without going higher or lower on your leg, move that "mark" around to the inside of your leg - till you get to that seam in your pants.  From there, just measure up (in the direction of the fly) to where that seam ends at the crotch point.  And there you have it - the inseam you need.  If, once you receive your garment, the inseam is too long, simply return it to us with instructions for hemming it to the right length.  There is no charge for this service.  Please order carefully - if the custom length you select is too short we cannot lengthen a garment once it is made.
I'm a new customer and not familiar with your sizing.  What if I am unsure of what size I should have customized?
  • With respect to solving the fit dilemma prior to ordering a non-returnable custom garment, we recommend purchasing a stock pair and, once you try them on and are happy with the fit, return them for a full refund and order your custom item.  The try-before-you-buy-process adds about 7-10 days to the timeline but it will eliminate the possibilty that you receive a non-returnable pair of boardshorts that don't fit.
  • We offer no guarantees that anything we manufacture will be the perfect fit for you. That would be impossible.  But if you order a stock pair to try on and does fit you right - your custom pair will fit the same since we will only modify the length.
  • Note that our sizing chart does not represent actual garment measurements.  Instead, it's purpose is to suggest what size should be comfortable for a person who has the actual body measurements as shown on the chart for a particular size.  As an example from the chart - if your actual waist is between 31.5" and 33", you should be real comfortable in a size 10. Our size suggestions are based upon information from thousands of pairs we've sold. 
  • Custom garments are not returnable and orders for custom items cannot be cancelled.  We cannot return garments with custom, structural changes back to our stock inventory.  As indicated on each custom garment page in our online catalog, inseam lengths are approximate and variations do not invalidate the final-sale feature of garments purchased through our custom garment program.  If the inseam you receive is more (or less) than ¾” different than the one requested, simply email us and a prepaid mailer will be sent to you so that you may return your gament at no expense for inseam correction.  Then we'll return them postage paid.
  • If an error is made on your order and we cannot get a replacement to you within the total time frame specified for your order (the sum of production days + shipping days estimated for delivery method chosen) we will refund your purchase. 
  • In the unlikely event that your item arrives with a manufacturing defect, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the item at our expense.  In this case, the non-refundable sale term of your custom-made item is unchanged.

"I am 6 ft tall with most of my height in my legs (my femurs are long for my height). I have never been comfortable in bikinis nor do I want to wear boardshorts down to my knees. I have purchased a few pair of your LONG boardshorts in the past and have been happy with them. I have decided to order some custom made shorts with just a bit more length so I am more comfortable when seating down. I just know I am going to love them. Thanks for such a great product!! I can't wait to get my new longer version!! BTW, the boardshorts I have purchased over the years still look fabulous--the fabric is terrific. LOVE IT!!! Thank you for offering great products that are made in the USA!!"   Crystal (Granada Hills, CA)

  • click here for LONGER and/or CUSTOM FEATURES Regular Rise Boardshorts (NON Elastic Waist Style)
  • click here for LONGER and/or CUSTOM FEATURES Lower Rise Boardshorts (NON Elastic Waist Style)
  • click here for SHORTER and/or CUSTOM FEATURES Boardshorts (NON Elastic Waist Style)
  • click here for LONGER or SHORTER and/or CUSTOM FEATURES Boardshorts(***NEW EZ-Fitting Elastic Waist Style***)
  • click here for LONGER and/or CUSTOM FEATURES Original Board Skirts
  • click here for LONGER or SHORTER and/or CUSTOM FEATURES Board Pants
  • click here for LONGER or SHORTER and/or CUSTOM FEATURES Fixed (i.e. NON-Elastic) Waist Boardshorts
  • click here for LONGER or SHORTER and/or CUSTOM FEATURES Elastic Waist Boardshorts
  • click here for LONGER or SHORTER and/or CUSTOM FEATURES Elastic Waist (choose either LINED or UNLINED) Classic Swim Trunks
  • click here for LONGER or SHORTER and/or CUSTOM FEATURES Board Pants
  • click here for LONGER and/or CUSTOM FEATURES Boardshorts
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